About Us


Wombat Woodwind and Brass offers fully serviced and guaranteed musical instruments backed up by expert advice, maintenance and repairs.

Whether purchasing an instrument or having one repaired, you will be assured of technical perfection and a caring attitude.

Wombat Woodwind and Brass supplies instruments and repair services to primary and secondary schools, brass, community bands and numerous professional musicians and teachers.

Wombat Woodwind and Brass is owned and operated by Martin Lukas. Martin’s customers benefit from his unique combination of music performance, music education and instrument repair qualifications and experience. His formal qualifications comprise degrees in music education and music performance (University of Melbourne) and formal qualifications in Band Instrument Repair (WITCC, Iowa USA).

Martin’s experience comprises fifteen years’ as a secondary music teacher and band director and more than twenty years’ experience as an instrument repairer in both the USA and Australia. In the USA Martin gained incomparable experience running the repair shop in a major Chicago music store where he was responsible for the repair of customer instruments along with the store’s 2500 rental instruments. In Australia, Martin has established a well recognized and respected sales and repair business which includes a fully stocked world class woodwind and brass repair workshop.


Martin’s combined qualifications and experience mean that he is thoroughly familiar with school music programs and their special requirements for robust instruments. In addition, Martin understands the extremely fine adjustments needed to make professional instruments play to their full potential.