Brass repairs
Woodwind repairs



This service usually involves the repair of a minor single fault to bring a newer instrument up to good working order.  Minimum charge is $45.


This service is required to remove corrosive deposits that if not removed will slowly rot the brass.  A horn requires this service, when it displays one or more of the following symptoms – a few stuck slides, problems with sticking pistons, green deposits are evident on pistons, valve casings or tubing.  Often the deposits may have accumulated to such an extent that a horn is only working with 50% of the actual tubing capacity.

At the completion of this work, the horn will again play to its full potential.

Each instrument

  • is completely disassembled ; stuck slides are pulled ; minor accessible dents are removed
  • is soaked and scrubbed in detergent solution to remove all fats and oil (pizza, cola, pie etc)
  • is dipped and flushed in an acid solution to remove lime and scale deposits
  • is thoroughly dried and each piece of tubing individually pressure tested for leaks
  • is fitted with new adjusting corks, valve cap felts, water corks
  • is adjusted so that piston travel meets factory specifications and tuning slides are greased
  • mouthpiece is polished
  • mouthpiece shank is re-rounded, if required
  • has minor dents removed
  • if a trombone, has slides re-aligned
  • if silver plated, sprayed with silver polish and tarnish preventative, hand ragged and polished
  • if it has rotors, has them re-strung and adjusted for correct travel, linkages are tightened


If required, the following & other additional services will be charged for, based upon an hourly rate

  • totally frozen tuning slides requiring oil-soaking and heat to be removed
  • tuning slides which require unsoldering to be removed
  • extra dent work, excessively bowed/damaged trombone slides/tuning slides
  • soldering broken braces, soldering patches onto leaking sections
  • re-alignment of bent tubing, re-alignment of entire horn
  • lapping of pistons to remove burrs and free up action
  • machining of spare parts
  • valve casing and piston repair/tightening & shimming of rotors
  • lapping & aligning of tuning slides to remove burrs and enable smooth action
  • replacement of missing/worn/broken/incorrect parts
  • hand polishing and ragging of silver plated instruments
  • aligning tuning slides so that slides & sleeves are parallel
  • case repairs


Price ($) Plus Parts
Trumpet/Cornet 90
Trombone 90
Trombone with rotary valve 160
Single French Horn 175
Double French Horn 260
Tenor horn 160
Baritone 160
Euphonium 200
Euphonium, 4 valve 240
3 valve Tuba 280
4 valve Tuba 320
Rotary Tubas By estimate only
  • Add 33%, for hand ragging and hand buffing of silver-plated horns
  • Add 20% for compensating systems
  • All prices refer to average student instruments.
  • Professional, vintage, seized or severely abused/worn instruments will incur additional charges.

All services include a 90 day guarantee on work performed.

Estimates are gladly provided free of charge.

While all care is taken, Wombat Woodwind and Brass cannot be held responsible
for old or unusual lacquers/plating being affected by cleaning chemicals.




This service usually applies to newer instruments that require minimal work to return them to good working order.  Minimum charge is $45.


As a regular, yearly service, this includes all work required to bring a student instrument up to good working order.  All of the following steps are completed.

Check instrument for leaks, replace up to 2 faulty/worn pads and corks, check all screws and rods, tighten if loose, regulate and oil keywork, adjust springs where required, remove minor dents on metal instruments, chemical clean mouthpiece, clean case,  play test.

Flutes/Clarinets – $90 + parts       Alto Saxophones – $120 + parts    Tenor Saxophones – $140 + parts

Basic Plastic Oboe – $140 + parts     Plastic Bassoon – $160 + parts


This service is required when dust and grime start to affect key movement and/or to make an instrument look its best.

This service includes all work as per the above Standard Service PLUS

Total disassembly of the instrument; wash the body to remove excess grime, dirt, oil etc; acid bath the instrument to remove lime/scale/mould deposits; hand polish the keywork; polish silver surfaces with quality silver polish; clean pad surfaces & tone holes.

Flutes/Clarinets-$150 + parts     Alto Saxophones-$260 + parts     Tenor Saxophones-$280 + parts

Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet by individual appraisal only.

Wood, step up, silver saxophones and professional instruments will incur additional charges.


If required, the following & other additional services will be charged for, based upon an hourly rate

  • Levelling/recutting/filling or replacing damaged or uneven tone holes
  • Straightening bent saxophone and flute bodies.
  • Straightening bent keys & rods/releasing binding keys/lapping hinges & rods
  • Adjusting key heights for correct tuning
  • Resealing detachable saxophone bells
  • Refitting loose clarinet posts, tightening & refitting excessively loose keywork
  • Solderwork, major dent work
  • Machining and replacing missing parts
  • Repairing loose/broken sockets and tenons; fitting tenon caps to clarinets
  • Removing toothmarks from mouthpieces
  • Replacing 3 or more pads
  • Replacing 3 or more key corks
  • Case repairs

All above services include a 90 day guarantee that covers pads, corks, springs and adjustments.


This service applies to student clarinets where the key corks, tenon corks and keywork are good, only the pads need replacing. This is usually due to two reasons.

  1. An instrument being in storage for some time and pads being eaten by silver fish.
  2.  Faulty manufacturing with insufficient glue being placed behind the pads. In this case, fairly new pads just start falling out.. (Deciduous pads!)

Work performed is all that described in the standard service & clean, PLUS replace all pads

Plastic Clarinet  $250


This service is recommended for older instruments or when approximately half of the pads need replacing (by this stage the remaining pads will not be much better). Instruments require this amount of work anywhere between 5 to 20 years depending on how they have been treated. At the completion of this service an instrument will play as well or better than a new instrument.

Work performed is all that described in the standard service & clean PLUS disassemble entire instrument ; chemically clean body to remove oil, fat, lime and scale etc , hand polish flutes ; buff nickel keys ; hand polish silver keys ; replace all pads, key corks, felts and tenon corks (including the flute crown cork) ; tighten mechanism to “as new” factory specification or better ; remove all dents from metal instruments ; level & re-cut tone holes if required; refit all joints to fit snugly ; replace rusted and worn springs and adjust to proper tension ; re-fit and secure loose posts, pivot and adjusting screws; pressure test; play test ; clean case.

This service includes a 12 month guarantee that covers pads, corks, springs and adjustments plus a free standard service after one year.

Plastic Clarinet 350
Flute 400
Piccolo 450
Alto Saxophone 850
Tenor Saxophone 950
Baritone Saxophone 1500
Soprano Saxophone 950
Standar Wood Clarinet 550
Plastic Bassoons 950
Basic Plastic Oboe 650
Plastic Bass Clarinet 950

Silver plated saxophones add $160 for hand ragging and polishing.

All prices refer to average student instruments.

Professional, elite, step up, vintage, severely abused/neglected instruments
will incur additional charges.